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CLOUD COMMUNICATIONS WEBINAR: Tax and Regulatory Fee Issues, Challenges and Opportunities Confronting Cloud-Based, VoIP Service Providers

This webinar covers the universe of tax and fee issues affecting VoIP services, from the “Nuts & Bolts” to complex nexus and revenue allocations.

FREE CALEA WEBINAR: How to Protect Your Company from CALEA Enforcement

This webinar provides valuable information regarding CALEA’s successes and failures from a Law Enforcement perspective and what Law Enforcement is doing to address non-compliance in the market place. The discussion also addresses how to achieve Safe Harbor.

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What our Clients say...
"I have been extremely satisfied with our attorney and the entire CommLaw Group team; very professional, responsive, and great advice. I recommend you any chance I get. I really like your focus and how you can offer more than just pure legal advice (like the CPNI audits, Compliance and Reporting, etc.). These other value added services go beyond pure legal advice and make me think of your company more as a partner that can help me in many areas, with the right expertise at the right time."
—COO of a leading virtual
system company

Marashlian & Donahue is a full service Washington, D.C.-area law firm serving the comprehensive legal needs of the communications industry. We are experienced in all aspects of federal and state telecommunications law and regulation, including the taxation of communications services. Our firm represents businesses primarily engaged in the dynamic communications and information technologies industries, fulfilling virtually all of their legal needs. Telecommunications services, technologies and the non-traditional business methods used to bring services to the marketplace continue to evolve at an unprecedented pace. This transformational bloom is occurring thanks, in part, to the Internet, broadband networks and the unbridled imagination of the entrepreneurial businesses we represent. The laws, regulations and policies forged in the last century and the government agencies tasked with enforcement have struggled to maintain pace with the unprecedented changes, leaving uncertainty, doubts and fear in their wake. Businesses operating in these choppy waters demand specialized counsel. The CommLaw Group is unique among its peers, offering clients a scope of capabilities rarely found in boutique law firms. More than anything else, our ability to turn uncertainty into confidence is what makes us stand out.

Our firm also boasts a vibrant Intellectual Property practice serving the trademark, copyright and design patent needs of a diverse base of clientele. After all, "communications" encompasses more than just the technology of talk. Your mark, the brand name or design logo associated with your product or service, is the symbol of your hard work, the symbol of the quality of your product or service, the symbol of your skill. It is how you communicate who you are to the public. We are the Comm Law Group because what we do is synonymous with “Communications” in any form, media or technology.

With decades of experience before the Federal Communications Commission ("FCC"), the Patent and Trademark Office ("PTO"), Federal Trade Commission ("FTC"), state telecommunications regulatory agencies, attorneys general, and state and federal civil and tax courts, the depth and scope of our capabilities distinguishes our firm. Our attorneys know the industry and take pride in using their business acumen when advising clients on the financial, operational, and regulatory issues that allow your company to innovate and thrive.

We serve clients in every sector of the telecommunications, mass media, broadband and information technologies industries, including:

CommLaw is synonymous with Communications... but communications means more than the technology of talk; it also encompasses the universe of visual communications and brand identity.
  • Traditional wireline telecommunications services providers, such as domestic & international Long Distance ("IXC") and Competitive Local Exchange Carriers ("CLECs")
  • Providers of Cloud communications, Software as a Service ("SaaS"), Communications as a Service ("CaaS") and other software-enabled communications and collaboration services
  • Wireless service providers
  • Broadcasters and mass media distributors
  • Information and other enhanced communications services providers
  • Broadband & Internet Access services providers
  • Advanced communication application (apps) services & developers
  • All forms of Internet Based (IP-based) services, including Voice over Internet Protocol ("VoIP") and other hybrid & convergent communications service providers
  • Communications equipment manufacturers

The breadth of our firm’s experience includes international and domestic Section 214 issues, FCC and state telecom licensing, regulatory compliance and audit support, communications taxation and fees, FCC Form 499 reporting and other matters arising from state & FCC regulatory programs, such as the Universal Service Fund (“USF”), Universal Service Administrative Company (“USAC”) audits & FCC enforcement actions.

We pride ourselves on our expertise in communications and technology law; after all, if we weren’t experts in Communications we wouldn’t be called The CommLaw Group.

But don’t let our name mislead you.

Most of our clients are also businesses, and these businesses require legal guidance in a variety of areas, including general corporate, tax, intellectual property law, litigation and dispute resolution. The CommLaw Group’s practice is as broad and diverse as our clients demand; we offer a range and scope of experience few other law firms our size can match.

No matter the scope of our representation, we are committed to offering our clients personal attention and efficient, professional representation. While always keeping your objectives in mind, we maintain our clients' trust and confidence through open and direct communication and valuable, responsive and cost-effective performance.

Our commitment is to combine our boutique firm expertise and small firm attention to consistently deliver big firm results without the big firm fees!

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