Mr. Canter has B.F.A. in film/television production from New York University, Tisch School of the Arts and a J.D. with a certificate in telecommunications law from the Columbus School of Law at Catholic University.


Mr. Canter is admitted to practice in the State and Maryland and the District of Columbia and is a member of the bar for United States District Court for the District of Columbia and the United States District Court for the District of Colorado. Mr. Canter is also an active member in the Federal Communications Bar Association, New York Chapter.

» Christopher A. Canter

Associate and Compliance
Division Counsel

1420 Spring Hill Road
Suite 401
McLean, Virginia 22102

703.714.1308 (telephone)
703.714.1330 (fax)

Mr. Canter serves as the lead attorney for the firm’s Compliance Division, through which the firm manages regulatory compliance for licensed wireline and wireless telecommunications and VoIP service providers. In this role, Mr. Canter combines his in-depth knowledge of regulatory and legal matters with his background in Internet technology development to assist telecommunications providers maintain full compliance with federal, state, and international laws and regulations.

Since joining the firm, Mr. Canter has developed an expertise in matters involving regulatory licensing, compliance and transactional matters, and litigation before the Federal Communications Commission and state regulatory commissions. Mr. Canter is also experienced with telemarketing compliance issues and representing digital age enterprises with a variety of Intellectual Property matters across a broad spectrum of media.

Ms. Canter has particular expertise in the following areas:

  • FCC, state, and international telecommunications licensing and compliance
  • Federal and state Universal Service Fund reporting and contribution
  • Regulatory treatment of emerging technologies, including interconnected VoIP and IP-based communications
  • DMCA take-down procedures and copyright protection of digital content
  • Licensing of digital and online content
  • Telemarketing regulations and compliance
  • CALEA and law enforcement surveillance issues
  • Privacy policies and data protection

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Representative Experience

  • Manages processes and staff in the firm’s regulatory consulting affiliate, The Commpliance Group (, which offers a variety of managed and self-service regulatory compliance services to companies operating in the regulated telecommunications industry.
  • Supervise team of regulatory specialists providing consulting services to a variety of telecommunications service providers.
  • Developed, program, and manage web-based compliance management software solution to accurately track, monitor, and file regulatory reports on behalf of firm clients.
  • Represent telecommunications clients, including emerging and established VoIP companies, prepaid calling card providers, telecommunications equipment manufacturers, wholesale IP-transport providers, CLECs, before Federal and State regulatory agencies, Federal and State court, and private arbitration proceedings.
  • Expert on federal regulatory matters concentrating on: state and federal licensing, CALEA, VoIP, prepaid calling card and payphone regulation, Truth-in-Billing, Do-Not-Call and telemarketing, disability access, Universal Service Fund reporting and compliance, CPNI and confidential data protection, and interconnection agreements.
  • Provide legal advice to clients on registration, protection, licensing, enforcement, and defense of intellectual property associated with technology and internet.
  • Represent leading telecommunications equipment manufacturers’ positions on VoIP, Fiber-to-the-Home, and CALEA before the Senate Commerce Committee and the FCC.
  • Participated in standards licensing working groups for CALEA, VoIP, and wireless carriers.
  • Advised clients on state and federal telemarketing laws and regulations and developed comprehensive compliance solutions for telemarketing activities.
  • Drafted licensing agreements, terms of service, data protection policies, privacy statements, and website compliance guides for internet service providers, telecommunications carriers, and online retailers.
  • Expert on digital copyright issues including DCMA take-downs and protection of online content including music and videos.
  • Counseled established and emerging filmmakers on intellectual property matters including content licensing, copyright and trademark issues, and digital distribution agreements.