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Unleash your true potential…  Own your practice like you never imagined possible… Attain the freedom you desire, without sacrificing stability and support… and practice wherever, whenever and however you wish.


Recognized as one of the region's Premier Law Firms in The Wall Street Journal, The CommLaw Group is now accepting qualified candidates to staff its Virtual Law Firm Partner platform. 


Our revolutionary platform creates the opportunity for solo practitioners and other experienced counsel (with portable books of business) to meet the demands of the radically transformed legal marketplace, deliver exceptional service and value to their clients, and grow their business -- all while retaining absolute control over their work-life balance and level of compensation. 

Benefits of our Virtual Law Firm Partner platform include the following:

  • Ability to function as a “solo” practitioner when small sells, due to absolute rate and engagement design flexibility
    • No hourly rate floors, nor caps - deliver professional services at rates your clients will appreciate and reward you with through more work
    • Use our creative Alternative Billing Arrangement options, or develop your own
  • Serve your clients independently and free of micro-management, office politics, and irreconcilable conflicts of interest that cause you to lose otherwise valuable opportunities
  • Quickly and easily scale up to meet the demand anytime a client project requires greater size, depth and/or scope of experience and staffing
  • Team up or simply collaborate with our Partners and Senior Managing Attorneys anytime our unique skills and practice knowledge would be beneficial to you and your clients
  • Offload overflow work to our existing staff of highly-trained and richly experienced Associate and Senior Managing Attorneys
  • Generate cross-referral opportunities through our affiliated consulting firm, The Commpliance Group, and The CommLaw Group’s existing client base, which consists of more than a dozen, multi-national Fortune 500 companies and hundreds of clients of all shapes, sizes and fields
  • And do it all without the overhead and administrative burdens of running a solo law practice or the fear and uncertainty of leaving the comforts of "Big Law"

A Real Life, Visionary, “Naked Lawyer” -- A Washington, D.C. area lawyer blends a brick-and-mortar firm with a growing network of virtual attorneys in U.S. and foreign cities.


The financial terms of our Virtual Law Firm Partner platform are based on an “Eat What You Kill” business model.  You bring in the revenue and, depending on the degree of utilization and need, compensate our firm a modest percentage (25% and below) to cover administrative expenses, such as (i) use of our marketing platform, branding and goodwill, (ii) billing & collection technology, systems, processes and personnel, (iii) accounting services, (iv) paraprofessionals, and more. Earn additional compensation (between 10%-20%) for utilization of The CommLaw Group's full-time professionals.


Additional benefits include: 

  • Earning commission-based revenue and fee splits on work performed by our full-time professionals
  • Telecommute and work remotely from anywhere in the world, or utilize our office space and resources, all at your discretion
  • Work independently or collaborate with colleagues
  • You decide when, where and how to achieve your clients objectives

Set your agenda, your goals, and own your practice like you never dreamed possible by attaining the financial freedom and practice ownership you desire, all without sacrificing the administrative support, collaborative opportunities, and other comforts available through the traditional law firm model. 

Submit your contact information below if you are interested in learning more about this rare opportunity.  Or contact Jonathan S. Marashlian directly at (703) 714-1313 or  All submissions and contacts shall be held in strict confidence. 


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