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Client Testimonials

"I have been extremely satisfied with our attorney and the entire CommLaw Group team; very professional, responsive, and great advice. I recommend you any chance I get. I really like your focus and how you can offer more than just pure legal advice (like the CPNI audits, Compliance and Reporting, etc.). These other value added services go beyond pure legal advice and make me think of your company more as a partner that can help me in many areas, with the right expertise at the right time."

—COO of a leading virtual system company


"I enthusiastically affirm my support for Jonathan Marashlian’s selection as a top lawyer in the communications field.

Our organization has been represented by Mr. Marashlian since 2001.   In that time, our company has worked with many different lawyers and law firms, including firms in the AmLaw 50.  As a result, we have experienced the quality of legal advice, workmanship, and relationships from firms of varying sizes and reputations.  I can say hands down that the advice, work product, and trust we have developed with Mr. Marashlian and his firm trump all of our experiences with AmLaw firms.  

Mr. Marashlian and his colleagues are knowledgeable and experienced in a highly complex area of the law, yet they are able to fashion creative legal strategies that are grounded in both sound legal footing and economic and business realities.  We know that when we seek counsel from Jonathan we can fully trust his instincts, insights, and guidance. 

Maybe as important (although some would disagree), we enjoy working with Jonathan and his team and getting to know them.  We have spent immeasurable hours with Jonathan and his team and they are all kind, down to Earth and approachable, and show passion for what they do.  We can always trust that they are available for discussion and consultation when we need them - rain or shine, day or night, weekday or weekend. 

We also value Jonathan as a lead partner on our account because he has demonstrated an ability to delegate to skilled associates and allow his staff – all of whom are trained to be excellent stewards of our account – to leverage their skills and lower hourly rates in order to ensure efficient and effective delivery of legal services. Everything is therefore delivered at legal rates that pale in comparison to the AmLaw firms.  Senior Partner rates do not exceed $400, whereas comparable partners at AmLaw firms charge between $650-$1,000 an hour. 

We therefore feel very lucky to be able to have ‘big law’ service at ‘small firm’ rates."

— In-House Counsel, International Carrier


"I have had the opportunity to work with Mr. Marashlian over the past eleven years. In that time his knowledge and experience with the nuances and intricacies of telecommunications law and regulations has enabled our company to “punch far above our weight” in legal disputes with the likes of Verizon. His counsel is on par with the league of lawyers that Verizon employs whenever they attempt to bully smaller competitors. Additionally, Mr. Marashlian, and his firm, have successfully guided us through a myriad of telecom regulations and requirements at the Federal (FCC) and state (PUC) level which has help DSCI avoid the millions of dollars in fines and fees which have plagued our less well represented telecom competitors. Mr. Marashlian provides the highest level of legal counsel and business guidance at rates far more competitive than any of the other numerous lawyers that (unfortunately) I have to work with in the normal conduct of running a rapidly growing business."

—CEO, Regional CLEC


"I want to thank you and your team for working so quickly to get this done and to do so with such high quality. You [Michael] and Jonathan have built an amazing firm over the past 5 years and you both should be very proud. Thanks again!"

-- COO, Leading Cloud Communications Provider


"We are very satisfied with your firm's service and that is reason enough for us to keep on engaging your firm for any legal questions that we may have regarding telecom services. Your team's response time is great."

—President of US operating unit of foreign PTT


"I think you guys are night and day to the representation we have had in the past and I enjoy that I get answers that are thoughtful and well educated."

—CEO and Founder of a nationwide Hosted VoIP provider


"We are definitely happy with your firm's services. It is as if you are an internal department of our company to whom we refer all telecom-related matters."

—Senior Director of Telecom of US operating unit of international multi-media conglomerate


"Not a month goes by that I don't refer someone to your firm, which is the highest compliment that I can make… I am looking forward to continuing our long and mutually beneficial relationship."

—President & CEO of regional CLEC


"You all have been a real joy to work with, and I thank God every day for your competence, dedication, trust, guidance and counsel."

—Founder/CEO of enchanced international communications carrier


“Michael, it is truly reassuring to know that I have someone with your deep knowledge of our business on the team watching out for our interests.  Definitely helps me sleep better at night.”

COO of a virtual office provider


"We hired Jonathan to represent our telecommunications licensing needs. At the time we were a start-up company with only a small amount of investment revenue. Attorney costs could have been enough to rethink the business plan. Jonathan worked with us on a payment plan basis which allowed us to focus on getting customers while he worked on getting us our licenses. He provided introductions to companies we eventually hired to assist us with tax issues and other FCC requirements. When we were interested in selling our company Jonathan made introductions to other telecom companies that were in the market for our type of company. He managed the contract process at every level through the acquisition. The best recommendation I can give is that when I go to do this again I will hire Jonathan."

—Founder/CEO of regional CLEC


"Jonathan is well-versed in a broad range of telecom regulatory matters. He uses his expertise to arrive at innovative, real-world business solutions while maintaining a high degree of professionalism."

—Vice President of leading provider of long distance, wireless, point-of-sale and carrier services


"Thank you for your support these last few years.  While I have NOT enjoyed the regulatory environment, you have done a great job of relieving my stress and assisting us in our journey to be compliant. I want to specifically thank Jackie for all of her support.  It has been a pleasure to work with her.  The work products have been top notch and her ability to explain things in a way that I can understand was greatly appreciated."

Founder & President of a cloud communications provider


"Jonathan is extremely knowledgeable in his field. He has provided invaluable telecom expertise to us and our subsidiary company on countless occasions. We would be lost without him. I highly recommend Jonathan!"

—CFO of enhanced conferencing solutions provider


"Jonathan['s firm] was able to provide our ISP association with fresh responses to the RBOC FCC petitions as opposed to the boilerplate comments most law firms offered. Jonathan has a good understanding of the industry and how things work at the FCC."

—Member, Federation of Internet Solutions Providers of the Americas


"I recently discovered Mr. Marashlian online while trying to resolve major issues we encountered with regulations. After a couple of phone calls and emails not only were my questions addressed but my issues were on the way to being solved. The information provided by Mr. Marashlian and his team got us on the right track and settled all of our issues in a timely manner. I would recommend Mr. Marashlian and his team of professional to anyone in the telecom industry. We feel more confident knowing that we have a real professional on our side."

—CEO of Regional VoIP Carrier