International Telecommunications

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Through the Ad Hoc Coalition of International Telecommunications Companies, The CommLaw Group is on the front lines advocating for fair and equitable regulation of international telecommunications service providers    

The telecommunications industry has been a global marketplace for some time, and one that is constantly changing due to the inherent factors of technology, regulation, and competition. But new factors now influence global communications – economic/financial turmoil and recovery, nation building and military strife, wars on terror, and strategic national interests in trade and security.

The CommLaw Group recognizes the ever evolving environment in the global telecommunications marketplace abroad and here in the U.S. and works diligently to provide creative, strategic, practical and tailored advice and counsel to those engaged in global telecommunications. Our International Telecommunications practice group has the expertise and experience necessary for today’s marketplace.

Over the past two decades the firm has represented numerous U.S. carriers with both broad and narrow footprints in the nations of the world as well as multi-national companies with U.S. carrier subsidiaries before the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the Administration’s NTIA, state and federal taxing authorities, USPTO - “National Telecommunications and Information Administration” and (NTIA”); “United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), and other forums as client needs require. Our clients are established companies and new entrants providing a wide range of telecommunications services, Internet, Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN), new media and satellite and earth station services.

In quick summary, our firm covers a broad range of legal disciplines:

  • Licensing and regulatory compliance and reporting
  • FCC 214 authorizations, transfers and assignments
  • Cable landing licenses
  • Satellite and earth station licensing
  • Regulatory fees, annual filings
  • Auditing and true-ups
  • Drafting, negotiating, enforcing or defending network and service contracts for infrastructure projects, capacity purchase, co-location and/or outsourcing, traffic exchange and brokering
  • Provision of services, implementation and convergence issues in all areas of information technology, telecommunications and the Internet, e.g., VoIP telephony, VSAT, VAN, GMPCS, IASP, LMDS, wireless communications and equipment resale licenses, wireless application protocol (WAP), mobile banking, mobile commerce, satellite, interconnection agreements, VPNs, leased circuits, import and export of encryption software and hardware
  • Interconnection, transit and anti-competition matters

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