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From affordable, flat-rate Trademark services to complex Patent & Trademark litigation, The CommLaw Group offers clients -- both large and small -- a diverse range of Intellectual Property professional services at unrivaled costs    

The CommLaw Group has significant experience representing companies and individuals involved in the development, production, procurement, advancement and exploitation of technology, information, brands and artistic creations. Clients range from small entrepreneurial companies and partnerships to Fortune 1000 companies in diverse technology, services and media industries. Attorneys practicing in our Intellectual Property & Technology practice represent clients with respect to copyright, trademark, trade dress, design patents, computer law, software, media rights, licensing, Internet/E-commerce matters (including jurisdiction and privacy rights) and related business torts such as unfair competition, rights of publicity, and false advertising.

With deep backgrounds in communications and technology, our attorneys bring unique experience, skills and understanding of the complex legal and regulatory environment of the Internet and emerging digital content distribution systems. Our attorneys recognize that protection of intellectual property rights is crucial in today’s fast-paced, technology-driven global economy. Our approach to intellectual property focuses on both securing and protecting a client’s valuable rights and providing our clients with the legal resources to exploit those rights. Through our firm’s close connection to the nation’s capital, our attorneys are also well connected with the current regulatory and legislative issues affecting intellectual property management.

We offer the following Intellectual Property services:

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Our capabilities and experience in intellectual property matters fall generally within the following broad categories:

  • Planning, prosecution and implementation of intellectual property protection
  • Licensing and transactional matters
  • Infringement defense and prosecution and other disputes

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