Telecommunications, VoIP, and Advanced Communications Services

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From cradle to grave, The CommLaw Group delivers comprehensive services to the Communications, VoIP and Information Technology industry sectors     

Named Best Communications Law Firm and Leading Customer Service Law Firm in the U.S.

Our telecommunications lawyers have an in-depth understanding of the commercial, technological and regulatory aspects of the telecommunications, VoIP and Advanced Communications Services industries.  We deliver pragmatic and sector-specific legal advice to help all our clients -- from new entrants to Fortune 500 enterprises -- to successfully meet the challenges of today's complex and rapidly developing global telecommunications & information technologies industries.

We are committed to fulfilling the immense demand for skilled, yet affordable professional services for all businesses operating in and at the periphery of these dynamic industry sectors.  Our commitment is embodied in the very structure of our unique and revolutionary "Full Spectrum" professional services business model -- for which our firm has been rewarded by clients and our peers.    

The CommLaw Group’s Telecommunications, VoIP and Advanced Communications Services practice covers every aspect of a business throughout its life cycle, from regulatory and commercial matters to litigation and lobbying, including:



Why your company needs Specialized Counsel to guide it through unprecedented cycle of technological disruption and destructive innovation...

The dynamic communications services & information technology industries are in the midst of an extraordinary transformation driven by technological convergence and shifting political winds. Businesses need specialized communications law attorneys who understand the industries and technologies, the issues and the politics, and who recognize the value each client expects to receive for its legal and regulatory compliance dollars. Our telecom law advisors help our clients stay ahead of the curve, and are agile and adaptive enough to intelligently counsel them through these turbulent times.

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