Broadband Networks and Internet Applications

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The CommLaw Group provides a broad range of legal services to both network providers and provider of the services and applications riding the networks or delivered through the Internet      

The Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) is currently implementing the most aggressive reforms to its regulation of broadband and Internet services in decades. As the FCC and Congress begin implementing the FCC’s National Broadband Plan, many of the adopted reforms will be directed to businesses providing broadband networks and Internet services and applications. Previously unregulated companies encountering a high-level of regulatory oversight for the first time and those attempting to adjust their businesses to the new environment need experienced counsel to help them navigate the shifting broadband regulatory landscape. The CommLaw Group provides that expertise, combining experienced, well-reasoned legal analysis with pragmatic business advice to offer every client a clear path forward.

Our attorneys are experienced in a variety of issues affecting network builders and service providers engaged in the construction, operation and servicing of fixed, wireless and fiber optic broadband networks, including:

  • System deployment and operating rights (licenses, franchises, easements, tower siting, poles and infrastructure, access to premises and interconnection)
  • Acquisition or sale of network ownership interests
  • Regulations and commercial agreements affecting telecommunications, cable television, wireless, Voice over Internet Protocol (“VoIP”), and the Internet, from basic compliance to strategic alliances and business planning
  • Piracy, theft of service, content and copyright protections
  • Advocacy at the federal and state levels to shape regulations and policy
  • State and local taxes and fees imposed on network revenues and services
  • Federal preemption of state and local regulation
  • Counseling and strategic planning advice for business operations and compliance
  • Dispute resolution, negotiation, arbitration and complex litigation

Our lawyers advise, develop strategies, and negotiate a variety of licensing and usage agreements for clients engaged in the provisioning of services over the Internet, including:

  • Software and technology licensing and transactions
  • Procurement agreements for software, equipment and professional services
  • E-commerce technology services and electronic payment systems
  • Software as a service, hosting and co-location
  • Data security
  • Privacy regulation and protection
  • Domain name disputes
  • Telecom and Network-Related Agreements
  • Custom Network Service Agreements
  • Network Outsourcing/Managed Network Services
  • Local Service Agreements
  • International Agreements
  • Peering and Other IP Agreements
  • Carrier Purchases and market entry
  • Wireless Service Agreements

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