Wireless Communications and MVNOs

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The CommLaw Group’s expertise covers the full range of regulatory, litigation, intellectual property and transactional needs of the wireless industry

The wireless industry comprises one of the most competitive and high-growth segments of the global communications industry. Our experienced attorneys assist companies in all segments of the wireless marketplace with the broad spectrum of issues facing the industry.

Over the years, The CommLaw Group has represented an array of wireless companies, including wireless service providers, Commercial Mobile Radio Services (“CMRS”) providers, cellular and PCS carriers, spectrum licensees, Mobile Virtual Network Operators and Enablers (“MVNOs” and “MVNEs”), wireless broadband and other WISPs, equipment vendors, content/application vendors and more. We help companies acquire spectrum and related assets, navigate mergers and acquisitions, deploy nationwide networks, negotiate facilities access and siting agreements, navigate the complex regulatory environment, respond to day-to-day operational issues, launch new products and services, develop business strategies, and prosecute and defend against lawsuits. We represent industry participants with respect to issues arising at every level of government — federal, state and local.

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